In-page, intelligent link saving Chrome browser extension app integrating:
 Twitter,     Google+,     Friendfeed,     Google Search,  
 Pinterest,   Pocket (formerly Read It Later),  Instapaper,  and



  • Google++ Extensions
    A set of browser extensions / userscripts for Google+ (aka Google Plus aka G+) that add custom features.
    Compatible with Chrome, Firefox/Greasemonkey and Safari/Ninjakit.

  • Ducky Finds His Quack
    “Wrote a book with my kids” – Multimedia book that my sons and I wrote spur of the moment one night which tells a story about the most important stuffie in our home.

  • Ziparcy
    Windows shell script to perform scheduled, primary/incremental encrypted-archive backups of your files.

  • stackoverflowIndentFourSpacesIndent Four Spaces (for stackoverflow.com)
    Web app (PHP / jQuery, open source) that normalizes indented code snippets so the outer block level of indention becomes four spaces. It prepares a snippet of code for pasting into a stackoverflow.com question/answer. wittman.org repository | github repository

  • SmugscopeCustomSmugMugUi
    A greasemonkey script that removes default SmugMug Categories from form select on create new gallery interface. Installer available at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/45261

  • smugscope.com/beta is a custom filtered, linkable gallery listings of your SmugMug photo and video collection (using the SmugMug API). Beta testers welcome!


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