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Bebepool Login Retooled

Summer is that time of year where you dust off lawn chairs and other equipment that stays put during the indoors-y months. I figured the website/code base deserved at least as much attention as backyard furniture, so over the last while (don’t want to think about counting up the hours–it turns out I don’t […]


Ziparcy is a WINNT shell script (“batch file” as it was called in the DOS–Win9x days) that can be scheduled to create/update an encrypted zip/archive of your files (and directory structure). This script leverages two other free utilities: 7-zip and wget. Downloads Ziparcy – v0.8 Ziparcy Repository Zip Documentation (in the script comments)

The BEBEPOOL.COM Birth Story

First, introductions: I’m Micah Wittman, the creator and administrator of Here’s the story of it came to be leading up to the birth of our first son. This would be the year 2000, or in Internet Years: about the Iron Age (I wasn’t on Bronze-Age dialup any more!). I was inspired by my […]


The concept of Mandown is to provide a handful of conventions and conveniences around using Markdown to develop ‘How To’ manuals. Mandown syntax follows all the rules of Markdown (as implemented by the Showdown Javascript port) with the exceptions detailed below. The exceptions (they’re a feature, not a bug, really!) exist to offer a portable, […]

Ducky Finds His Quack

“Wrote a book with my kids” – Multimedia book that my sons and I wrote spur of the moment one night which tells a story about the most important ‘stuffie’1 in our home. Read Now: Ducky Finds His Quack   A stuffed toy, or ‘stuffie’, which is the term for such things in these parts. ↩


Hello, World. Finally anchoring a centre-point around which my web presences can orbit. It’s about time.