Bebepool’s 10th Birthday

It’s 2015, and as of May bebepool turned 10 years old.

Happy Birthday! [imagine fireworks emoji here]

Internet time-wise, it is ancient, a wise soul now (here’s hoping, anyways).

I’m thankful for my wife and three boys for inspiring its inception, and for all of you, the bebepooler alumni across the world.

There are bebepool kids who are 9-10 years old now. Which to me is… wow.

My first son was born in the proto-bebepool era. His first year of high school finishes next week. My middle-born son is rockin’ the middle school and my youngest is grade 4. It’s a busy time. And it’s absolutely great.

In this time of decade-strong and still going celebration, I’ve done some thinking. For practical and symbolic reasons I’ve made the following changes:

  • Removed the mid-page banner ad you would normally see.
  • Removed the upper-right calculator app advert and left a small donate link in its place.

Bebepool remains free, as it’s always been, and now there’s less clutter. If you can help support the maintenance of with a donation it is very much appreciated, but whatever happens banner ads are not coming back.

Well, this message is already the size of 6 tweets, so I better wrap it up.

Thanks for inviting this little website into your celebrations of children, family, friends, and fun. I’ll do my best to keep it running right for all of us and the generations ahead.

Yours Sincerely,

Micah Wittman

  • Anton

    That’s a looooong time for a web-service. Congratulations!