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Cue Curling

Cue Curling (Pool Table Curling) “Cue Curling” is a hybrid game of our own invention (one way us Wittman family likes to get whimsical; and it just sort of happened while we’ve been on holiday, the kids enjoying grandma’s orange felt pool table [the one I learned on], in the remaining days of 2018), a […]

Beginning, Middle, and End

Behind the camera, foreground, and background. Beginning, middle, and end. Here am I, a boy in the foreground with his family. My father is not pictured here. He’s behind the camera. The background is the larger world, our shared experience; then, now, or tomorrow, but it is ours together. In love, in hope, in truth […]

Edward Roy Wittman, 1944—2010

A strong and stable father Is a treasure for which countless sons

Not That Safe

  Recovered Journal. December 12, 2006. Tonight my middle-born son asked something to which I said it was at our home. “Why?”, he inquired. “Because home is where you will always be loved, and where it’s safe.” To that he replied, “Well, not _that_ safe.” “Oh, you have brothers—that’s right.” “Yeah.”