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Cue Curling

Cue Curling (Pool Table Curling) “Cue Curling” is a hybrid game of our own invention (one way us Wittman family likes to get whimsical; and it just sort of happened while we’ve been on holiday, the kids enjoying grandma’s orange felt pool table [the one I learned on], in the remaining days of 2018), a […]

Installing OpenPhoto on Shared Hosting

How To Install OpenPhoto on Shared Hosting After burning too much time just getting to a functioning /setup page, here my record of how it was solved. Followed instructions from (saved below as a gist in case the original resource becomes unavailable) Installing Openphoto on Webfaction These are instructions for installing (openphoto)[] on […]


Moon, as seen from Earth 52.2747° N, 113.8153° W, 300mm focal length, 2012-08-25T22:05 Neil Armstrong, August 5, 1930–August 25, 2012

Golden View Popup Link Keeper

Saves to your Pocket (formerly Read It Later) account Twitter Integration Animated GIF version: Google Search Integration Friendfeed Integration Google+ Integration

Golden View Friendfeed Image Zoom


Help Haiti

Dear Bebepool Community, has been humming along since 2005. It feels amazing to build a place/technology on the web that has found its way into the lives of so many parents, families and friends. I don’t know most of you personally of course, but we have a common link now thanks to the internet. […]

New Habits

I was stopped by the cops while walking/jogging my neighbourhood at night just this evening. QUICK! — what’s the first thing that went through your mind? (that you imagined went through mine). Whether I want to admit it or not, I’ve been influenced by the popularity of police behaving badly news stories (I’m looking at […]

Microwave Oven UI Standard Project

Microwave Ovens: Failure is not an option. In our household if the microwave breaks down, I have less than 24 hours to relieve the crisis. And by 24 hours I mean 24 minutes. Kiefer Sutherland has (or had—I have no idea) a whole television season to work things out. I have no such luxury (nor […]


friendfeedCommentMiniAvatar A greasemonkey script that adds a mini avatar to each FriendFeed comment (only tested on Screenshot – “friendfeedCommentMiniAvatar“ Downloads Source Code: Installer:


friendfeedClip ( aka ffclip ) A greasemonkey script that inserts a clipboard widget into a FriendFeed page to locally save (cookie-based) FriendFeed entry links. Links on clipboard can be cleared all at once or individually. The clipboard is scoped to the URI directory path (so, a separate record of links is maintained). There are at […]