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friendfeedCommentImg A greasemonkey script that replaces link text with an image (inserts an img element in DOM) within friendfeed comments where the URI has an image extension. Example by code: Cygnus Loop Super <a href=””>…<a> becomes Cygnus Loop Super <a href=””>… <img src=”” height=”100px” style=”vertical-align:middle” /><a> Example by rendering: Cygnus Loop Super… becomes Cygnus […]

24,075 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1 through 24,075 remain unknown. Here is the balance: 24,076. I grew up celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas (some years in the reverse order). Continue to with my wife and three boys. 24,077. In 1995 I spent 3 months in a children’s summer camp in Ukraine. There were still wall murals and other trappings of the […]

Bebepool Safety

Website spam (see spamdexing) was starting to show up on some sites, so I coded some simple counter-measures which prevents what appears to be garden variety automated spamming. Actually there were no externally visible changes made. At this point I haven’t burdened pool entry participants with any new hoops to jump through (such as […]