Edward Roy Wittman, 1944—2010

Ed & Suz Wittman, January 2010

Photograph by Loni Bourne, a dear and new family friend
A strong and stable father
Is a treasure for which countless sons
Have only hoped; yet your daughter and
Three sons and the mother of your children
Had so much more.
Love. From a place in your heart, tender love.

Micah, Eldest Son
Sketch of Ed & Suz by Emily Slinker
Sketch by Emily Slinker, a dear and long time family friend
  • Anton42

    My sincere condolences, Micah – it feels like I know your father somewhat by knowing his son – you, and I can appreciate how well you were brought up.

    This makes me think of what kind of father I am myself.

  • Jamie Rich-McDonald

    i loved that!! also a great pic of your parents.

  • Danna Bone

    I hope that your father's example of being an excellent dad and husband lives on in his three sons and was the qualities that Molly looked for in her husband. Well Done Micah.

  • HIlary and Lawrie Beard

    We're really sorry for your loss Micah, our condolences to you all,
    Hilary and Lawrie

  • brian johnson

    Great words, Meech, and great photo!