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Bebepool New Feature: Selectable Pool Components

I distinctly remember a number of visits to the local 31 Flavors ice cream shop as a youngster. I mean right there in the name of the place, it shouts: “Sure, you’re stuck with your school/ job/ life, but here we have more choices for you than you have whims.” Going through a box of […]

Bebepool Stats Mid-2009 Update

Some bebepool.com stats (courtesy of Google Analytics): Visits First half of 2008 compared to same in 2009: +181% Pageviews First half of 2008 compared to same in 2009: +195% Traffic Source (referrer): Change in % of Visits Google (organic search): -21% MySpace: -16% Facebook: +231%    

Bebepool Safety

Website spam (see spamdexing) was starting to show up on some bebepool.com sites, so I coded some simple counter-measures which prevents what appears to be garden variety automated spamming. Actually there were no externally visible changes made. At this point I haven’t burdened pool entry participants with any new hoops to jump through (such as […]

Bebepool Login Retooled

Summer is that time of year where you dust off lawn chairs and other equipment that stays put during the indoors-y months. I figured the bebepool.com website/code base deserved at least as much attention as backyard furniture, so over the last while (don’t want to think about counting up the hours–it turns out I don’t […]

The BEBEPOOL.COM Birth Story

First, introductions: I’m Micah Wittman, the creator and administrator of bebepool.com. Here’s the story of bebepool.com: it came to be leading up to the birth of our first son. This would be the year 2000, or in Internet Years: about the Iron Age (I wasn’t on Bronze-Age dialup any more!). I was inspired by my […]