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Help Haiti

Dear Bebepool Community, Bebepool.com has been humming along since 2005. It feels amazing to build a place/technology on the web that has found its way into the lives of so many parents, families and friends. I don’t know most of you personally of course, but we have a common link now thanks to the internet. […]

Bebepool New Feature: Selectable Pool Components

I distinctly remember a number of visits to the local 31 Flavors ice cream shop as a youngster. I mean right there in the name of the place, it shouts: “Sure, you’re stuck with your school/ job/ life, but here we have more choices for you than you have whims.” Going through a box of […]

Bebepool State of the Union

Dear Bebepool Community, Thanks I want to start by extending my thanks to you for being part of bebepool.com, by using it to add that extra bit of fun for all your family and friends excited with you for the new child entering your life. Trouble in the Engine Room If you’ve stopped for a […]

Bebepool Stats Mid-2009 Update

Some bebepool.com stats (courtesy of Google Analytics): Visits First half of 2008 compared to same in 2009: +181% Pageviews First half of 2008 compared to same in 2009: +195% Traffic Source (referrer): Change in % of Visits Google (organic search): -21% MySpace: -16% Facebook: +231%    

Bebepool Login Retooled

Summer is that time of year where you dust off lawn chairs and other equipment that stays put during the indoors-y months. I figured the bebepool.com website/code base deserved at least as much attention as backyard furniture, so over the last while (don’t want to think about counting up the hours–it turns out I don’t […]

The BEBEPOOL.COM Birth Story

First, introductions: I’m Micah Wittman, the creator and administrator of bebepool.com. Here’s the story of bebepool.com: it came to be leading up to the birth of our first son. This would be the year 2000, or in Internet Years: about the Iron Age (I wasn’t on Bronze-Age dialup any more!). I was inspired by my […]