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Installing OpenPhoto on Shared Hosting

How To Install OpenPhoto on Shared Hosting After burning too much time just getting to a functioning /setup page, here my record of how it was solved. Followed instructions from https://vinayaugustine.com/wiki/webfaction/openphoto (saved below as a gist in case the original resource becomes unavailable) Installing Openphoto on Webfaction These are instructions for installing (openphoto)[https://openphoto.me/] on https://webfaction.com. […]

StackOverflow Question Dashboard Userscript

stackoverflowQdashboard userscript Question Dashboard for stackoverflow.com (plus meta, serverfault and superuser) – page analyzed and indicators shown for key information. Downloads: stackoverflowQdashboard hosted at wittman.org stackoverflowQdashboard hosted at github Greasemonkey (Firefox) and GreaseKit (Safari) compatible.       stackoverflowQdashboard.user.js: SEE Configuration section for available options.            


The concept of Mandown is to provide a handful of conventions and conveniences around using Markdown to develop ‘How To’ manuals. Mandown syntax follows all the rules of Markdown (as implemented by the Showdown Javascript port) with the exceptions detailed below. The exceptions (they’re a feature, not a bug, really!) exist to offer a portable, […]