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Bebepool State of the Union

Dear Bebepool Community, Thanks I want to start by extending my thanks to you for being part of bebepool.com, by using it to add that extra bit of fun for all your family and friends excited with you for the new child entering your life. Trouble in the Engine Room If you’ve stopped for a […]

Bebepool Safety

Website spam (see spamdexing) was starting to show up on some bebepool.com sites, so I coded some simple counter-measures which prevents what appears to be garden variety automated spamming. Actually there were no externally visible changes made. At this point I haven’t burdened pool entry participants with any new hoops to jump through (such as […]

Bebepool Login Retooled

Summer is that time of year where you dust off lawn chairs and other equipment that stays put during the indoors-y months. I figured the bebepool.com website/code base deserved at least as much attention as backyard furniture, so over the last while (don’t want to think about counting up the hours–it turns out I don’t […]