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Cue Curling

Cue Curling (Pool Table Curling) “Cue Curling” is a hybrid game of our own invention (one way us Wittman family likes to get whimsical; and it just sort of happened while we’ve been on holiday, the kids enjoying grandma’s orange felt pool table [the one I learned on], in the remaining days of 2018), a […]

Bebepool’s 10th Birthday

It’s 2015, and as of May bebepool turned 10 years old. Happy Birthday! [imagine fireworks emoji here] Internet time-wise, it is ancient, a wise soul now (here’s hoping, anyways). I’m thankful for my wife and three boys for inspiring its inception, and for all of you, the bebepooler alumni across the world. There are bebepool […]

Installing OpenPhoto on Shared Hosting

How To Install OpenPhoto on Shared Hosting After burning too much time just getting to a functioning /setup page, here my record of how it was solved. Followed instructions from (saved below as a gist in case the original resource becomes unavailable) Installing Openphoto on Webfaction These are instructions for installing (openphoto)[] on […]


Moon, as seen from Earth 52.2747° N, 113.8153° W, 300mm focal length, 2012-08-25T22:05 Neil Armstrong, August 5, 1930–August 25, 2012

Golden View Popup Link Keeper

Saves to your Pocket (formerly Read It Later) account Twitter Integration Animated GIF version: Google Search Integration Friendfeed Integration Google+ Integration

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DIY Menorah: Built In A Day from Hardware Store Supplies

So that happened (as mentioned in the title). We misplaced our family menorah, and Hanukkah this year was upon us, so naturally it was buy or build decision time. Like most of the world’s 1%, I purchase far more than I make (heh, layers of meaning there perhaps), but I thrive on those moments when […]

Beginning, Middle, and End

Behind the camera, foreground, and background. Beginning, middle, and end. Here am I, a boy in the foreground with his family. My father is not pictured here. He’s behind the camera. The background is the larger world, our shared experience; then, now, or tomorrow, but it is ours together. In love, in hope, in truth […]

Google++ Extensions

NEW  Golden View Popup Link Keeper In-page, intelligent link saving Chrome browser extension app integrating:  Twitter,     Google+,     Friendfeed,     Google Search,   Pinterest,   Pocket (formerly Read It Later),  Instapaper,  and Pinboard Golden View for Google+ – Chrome Extension – Initial Release July 18, 2011: Chrome Web Store Install page (short URL: ) Details: Compatibility: Chrome only (see below for cross-browser scripts) Discussion: on Google+ Code Project: […]

Me, Age 13

Lower portion, age 35.