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Bebepool Login Retooled

Published 2008-07-30 00:24

Summer is that time of year where you dust off lawn chairs and other equipment that stays put during the indoors-y months. I figured the website/code base deserved at least as much attention as backyard furniture, so over the last while (don't want to think about counting up the hours–it turns out I don't pay myself much) I've been beavering away on the primary enhancement: retooling the login subsystem.

Exciting stuff, I know.

But, it does make a difference particularly to citizens of the web starting new baby pools. The old login/user management mechanisms were a bit of a retrofit in the first place, at times causing confusion and hindering pool admin logins.

Things are different now.

For one, the new signup procedure does not require the email confirmation dance, which 1) Drives some people nuts just on principle and 2) Said email confirmations nose-diving into spam folders certainly bodes not well.

A CAPTCHA (contorted text images) was added in lieu of email confirmations – still drives some people batty, but something has to get wheeled out to keep back the visigoth spammers at the gates. So there's that.

Your friend in time of need, the "Reset Password" feature, is straight-forward now (was, at best, user-unfriendly). There's still room for improvement yet, but a healthy stride was made here.

Besides user/login changes, a few minor improvements were done to the Send Email feature (pool invites and messages to existing participants). There's always been a preview of your email message about to be sent out, but now there's an "Edit" button to go back and fine-tune the text which means you don't have to re-type anything as you did before if you simply stepped back using your browser's Back button (please don't use the Back button).

So there you have it. Bebepool: Same great taste, just a little more filling.