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Bebepool Safety

Published 2008-12-24 14:07

Website spam (see spamdexing) was starting to show up on some sites, so I coded some simple counter-measures which prevents what appears to be garden variety automated spamming.

Actually there were no externally visible changes made. At this point I haven't burdened pool entry participants with any new hoops to jump through (such as CAPTCHAS). However, if more advanced spamming crops up, a new strategy may incorporate a verification step. We shall see.

Also made a couple small improvements including PDF (printer friendly version) rendering. If you were logged in as admin when you clicked the Printer Friendly link and printed a hard copy of your pool, then please check it out again. There were superfluous elements that cluttered up the appearance in the PDF which are gone now.

And a brand new feature was added recently: "friendfeed support" (see FAQ - Share Flickr/Picasa Photos, Facebook Status Updates. I'll devote an entire blog post in due course. As a pool administrator you can go into your control panel to start using it, if that is you're interested in displaying your own blog posts, status updates, photos, etc directly in your bebepool page. Any feedback from you early adopters is greatly valued (please leave a comment below).

It's been an exciting year as discovery and usage of has continually grown. It's extremely heart warming to see that expectant families seem to be having a fun, interactive experience.

Happiest holidays and may you and your family have a fine new year in 2009.