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Bebepool State of the Union

Published 2009-09-29 02:14

Dear Bebepool Community,

I want to start by extending my thanks to you for being part of, by using it to add that extra bit of fun for all your family and friends excited with you for the new child entering your life.

Trouble in the Engine Room
If you've stopped for a visit at the site either last Friday or Monday this week, you probably noticed some bold, red typeface status message saying the site is "Offline for Maintenance."

Initially, the technical problem began and was resolved Friday. There was an application performance issue that boiled down to one database query seriously lacking optimization. All pool accounts were being selected yet only one record truly needed to be. With the sustained growth of, memory consumption reached a point whereby the inefficient code became a noticeable problem. I made the necessary code changes and it was back online within about two hours. There's been little to no downtime in the four plus years has been live and kicking, but even so I do everything I can to keep the ship constantly on course so everyone can enjoy the ride.

So Monday rolls around and there's a problem again. But this time it's really a human to human communications issue - there was an incorrect assumption between me and the the hosting service provider regarding file permissions and moving files around. That was sorted out soon enough. The only thing left before returning to normalcy was to rewrite some code which, upon a deeper look, was impacting the User Sign-up / Create a Pool function. That was ironed out by late evening Monday.

Stay Aware and Informed
For future reference, you can visit:

Once Again...
Thank you again for choosing to celebrate your kids. I had so much fun building this technology for the birth of my own sons, I simply had to share it with others.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions at the bottom of this blog post. Your feedback really is valuable to me and the success of this resource.


Micah creator / administrator