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Drink Coasters

Published 2022-07-08 11:36
Drink Coasters

A pair of drink coasters of maple wood with small metal inlay (brass and aluminium) I hand made for one of my sons who's moving out and to an apartment for the first time.

Materials & Tools



I practiced a bunch on a piece of scrap wood to figure out the small dimensions carving approach. I experimented with small Dremel drill bits (the smallest I have—1/32") and carving burs and a jig I built to hold the Flex Shaft to operate like a small scale router. It was ok, but wasn't totally happy with the precision I could achieve; I found the tiniest gauge chisel available at speciality tool shop and after some practice decided that was the way to go. So for the actual maple workpieces I only used hand tools.

First time I've really finished any wood, and I enjoyed the process and the final result, a small token for this milestone in my son's life.

sun and moon metal inlays
wood cuts and maple stock it came from
wood with scored sun outline
wood with some carve out
sun inlay in carve out
wood with moon carve out
moon inlay in carve out
both wood pieces with inlays
both wood pieces
both wood pieces with finish
ceramic disc and foam dowel cuts
coasters in ceramic base/holder
coasters side-by-side with ceramic base
front face view of coasters
reverse face view of coasters with cork bumpers
side view of coasters