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friendfeedTranslate - userscript and bookmarklet (new!) for integrated language translation

Published 2009-01-31 18:30


A bookmarklet and greasemonkey script that translates friendfeed posts and comments from one language to another (e.g. Farsi to English, German to French, English to Simplified Chinese, etc). Source language of each entry/comment is auto-detected and converted to chosen destination language.

Bookmarklet (bookmark/favorite script) & User Script (greasemonkey/greasekit)


Note: the bookmarklet is currently only packaged to translate from language X (as detected by the code) to English. The user script (below) is configurable, which means you can change the destination language as needed.

UPDATE 2009-06-27: All supported languages are now pre-packaged in user script and bookmarklet form.

UPDATE 2009-07-02: Real-time translation now possible! Translate both individual posts as well as the friendfeed stream as it live updates.

UPDATE 2009-07-03: Alternate configurations for user scripts and bookmarklets now available. By default, translations performed on a stream will only show the translated text and in single post view (click the timestamp), the original and translated text is shown. The alternate configuration
keepOriginalTextInRealtime ON causes the original text to be shown in single post and real-time stream mode.

Screenshot - "friendfeedTranslate"

[caption id="attachment_148" align="aligncenter" width="355"]friendfeedTranslate Screenshot[/caption]

Google Translate service utilized for language detection and translation.

Each comment on a friendfeed post is analyzed individually, so it's possible to convert a mix of languages all in one thread. For example, if languageCodeTo is configured for English ('en'); and there were German, Farsi and Simplified Chinese comments, each would be translated respectively to English.

Instead of using auto-detect languageCodeFrom, you have the option to set it explicitly in the Configuration section of the script. When viewing a single friendfeed entry, near the upper right corner by "Tools", the link to perform the translation will appear (e.g. Translate Farsi to English).


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