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Published 2008-07-05 22:27

The concept of Mandown is to provide a handful of conventions and conveniences around using Markdown to develop 'How To' manuals.

Mandown syntax follows all the rules of Markdown (as implemented by the Showdown Javascript port) with the exceptions detailed below. The exceptions (they're a feature, not a bug, really!) exist to offer a portable, web-centric documentation format.

The design goals are:

  • Run-time Rendering - the power/simplicity of Markdown without build-time compiling (dynamic Markdown to HTML happens client-side via Javascript acting on the Mandown source).
  • Portability: Can run from desktop OS file browser (local drive or network file share) or any web server of choice—as is.
  • "Baked-in" Screenshot UI features.
  • Human Readable Source Displayed in the Browser viewport if scripting is disabled or not supported.


EDIT: v0.6.1 - Released 2009-06-17