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 Golden View Popup Link Keeper

In-page, intelligent link saving Chrome browser extension app integrating:
 Twitter,     Google+,     Friendfeed,     Google Search,  
 Pinterest Pocket (formerly Read It Later),  Instapaper,  and

Golden View for Google+

Golden View for Google+Chrome ExtensionInitial Release July 18, 2011:

Chrome Web Store Install page

(short URL: )


Compatibility: Chrome only (see below for cross-browser scripts)

Discussion: on Google+

Code Project:

Extensions (user scripts):

User Mute – Mutes all posts by specific users.

Default Circle – Set a circle as default (instead of Stream).

Hide Images – Hide image: original and all shares.

Hide Comments – Hide comments (option hide all by default).

Search With Google – Search Google+ w/ Google Search.

Hide Sidebars – Hide left & right side bars, widen middle.

Compatibility: All Google++ extensions / userscripts below should work on:


Firefox w/ Greasemonkey (download)

Safari w/ NinjaKit (download).

GooglePlusPlus User Mute

General Information

The googleplusplus_user_mute userscript / extension for Google+ (aka Google Plus aka G+) mutes all posts by specific users. Click MUTE USER link next to the Public/Limited status. Once muted, a placeholder for each post appears with {User Name} UNMUTE, which if clicked will stop muting that particular user.

Shared posts where the originator is muted also get muted and in the placeholder appears: (MUTED SHARE – SEE ORIGINAL POSTER TO UNMUTE). Clicking SEE ORIGINAL POSTER TO UNMUTE takes you to the originator’s profile where you can UNMUTE them.


Discussion on Google+

Fork project (github)

User Mute Button Screenshot

User Mute Screenshot

User Mute Share Screenshot

GooglePlusPlus Default Circle

General Information

The googleplusplus_default_circle userscript / extension for Google Plus (aka Google+ aka G+) adds a star next to each circle stream name. The star can be clicked to set or unset one circle stream as your default. When a default is set, going to the Stream view (which is an aggregate of all your circles) you automatically get redirected to your default stream.

Effectively, you can make one of your circles as the new everything you want to see by default based on one circle not all circles.


Discussion on Google+

Fork project (github)

Default Circle Unset Screenshot

Default Circle Set Screenshot

GooglePlusPlus Hide Images

googleplusplus_hide_images is a user script for Google Plus (aka Google+ aka G+) that adds a button under each Google Plus post image to hide it (toggle show / hide). Hides the image on original post and all shared posts. Tired of an animated GIF that keeps getting shared over and over in different posts? – hide it once an forget about it.


Discussion on Google+

Fork project (github)

GooglePlusPlus Hide Comments

General Information

The googleplusplus_hide_comments userscript for Google Plus adds a Hide Comments or Show Comments link on each post; this feature is sticky (the hidden or shown state is recorded in the browser’s local storage).


Discussion on Google+

Fork project (github)

Alternate Versions

Alt version “hidden” hides all comments by default (as opposed to comments being visible by default using the standard version). The standard and alt versions work exactly the same in all other ways.

Install Alternate Version “hidden” – Hide all comments by default”:

Installing more than one version: The scripts are named, namespaced and versioned exactly the same so installing one over-writes a previous primary or alt version. In the description will be an ALTERNATE VERSION clause only in an alt script.

Note to Developers: The _build.rb build script creates alternate script versions. At this time there is one currently supported alt version, “hidden”.

GooglePlusPlus Search With Google

googleplusplus_search_with_google is a user script for Google Plus (aka Google+ aka G+) that toggles the built-in search input Find People with another option: Search Google Plus with the Google search engine using the site: filter.

Click TOGGLE SEARCH TYPE link to toggle between Find People and Search with Google.


Discussion on Google+

Fork project (github)

GooglePlusPlus Hide Sidebars

The googleplusplus_hide_sidebars is a user script for Google Plus (aka Google+ aka G+) that adds a feature to hide/show left and right side bars, and makes the main content wider. This feature is sticky and will show either a Hide Sidebars link or Show Sidebars link.


Discussion on Google+

Fork project (github)

  • AlexSchleber

    Great stuff. Hopefully most of those won’t be necessary anymore soon if Google does their homework, but for now, this is great.

  • Richard Killingsworth

    If you could somehow make your hide comments script hide comments on default instead of having to click the link, and to show the number of comments next to the link, that would be killer.

  • Kurtwvs

    Thank you. Like the search one. Helpful!!!

  • micahwittman

    It’s been a long time since you could only get a Model-T in black, but aficionados still get custom paint jobs today. 😉

  • micahwittman

    Thanks, Kurtwvs. The search just adds that little touch of convenience, but I find I really do search more having it right at the top of my Google+ stream.

  • micahwittman

    Richard, that’s a really good idea. I’m actually working now on an enhancement so that’s an option. Thank you.

  • earlwallace

    Thank you!

  • micahwittman

    You’re welcome, earlwallace.

  • Richard Killingsworth

    Much better! Very smart move to leave the comment box visible even though the comments are hidden by default. I can comment even without opening a possibly long comment stream. The recent comment count is very helpful also. Good job!

  • Joop Vos

    Hide sidebars … great! But could you give the content column a fixed width of 500 px or so. It’s very hard reading the long lines now … thanks!

  • Justin Hill

    I can’t see how to hide side bars. Donwloaded add and everything works fine but cannot see where this  sticky feature is. What am I missing?

  • micahwittman

    “Show Sidebar” (or “Hide Sidebars”) is a link that should appear below the Google+ logo, upper left.

  • micahwittman

    Joop, the Sidebars feature doesn’t provide as much utility as I first thought it would, so I’ll be honest and say that re-working it is a low priority at this point. There are a growing number of userstyles, userscripts and Chrome extension that customize the look and feel (here’s a popular one: )

    Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

  • SpaceBar

    You should add the Google plus Hangout Finder Extension to that list!

  • John Marstall

    Since the Default Circle star graphics lack alpha transparency, they look a bit out-of-place when used in conjunction with the Usability Boost for Google+ extension (

    I fixed this by updating your extension’s script with new image URI data, which you can check out here if you like:

  • micahwittman

    John, I checked it out – looks really good. I just push those changes as a new version (userscript: release 0.1.9) and (Golden View Chrome extension relase 1.14).

    I credited you in the Change Log (README file).

    Thank you very much.

  • John Marstall

    Oh, nice! I also made “set” and “remove” graphics but am having more trouble aligning those correctly. Feel free to roll them in as well:

  •   

    Userscripts in Chrome should better work with Tampermonkey

  • sultan

    we see google+ votes is one of the top social stuff but here is also many site like that now its time to see their activities and how much they will satisfy us with their performance. will come here to see your reply, thanks.

  • Spidercamp

    Hi Micah, I installed and am greatly enjoying this extension! I am seeing an issue though, where if I click “hide,” then “show” again on the same image, only the first instance of that image reappears. The other copies of that image stay hidden until I manually “show” them.

    Is this a known issue?


  • micahwittman

    Spidercamp, it’s by design that each image condition of show/hide is controlled independently. However, once an image is hidden (or conversely, shown) other instances of the image resource on the page will synchronize to the same hidden/shown condition once the page is fully reloaded.

    Note: you could come across two or more of what appear to be the same exact image, but each one that was uploaded separately will have a unique URL and would be, effectively, a different image (therefore won’t hide/show based on the condition you set to another copy).

    It can get hard to explain succinctly, but I hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Jarrod W

    The “MUTE USER” only shows up on my Business Page and I need it there, but not my actual profile page, which is where I really need it. What is wrong?

  • Alessandro

    Hi – and thanks for your work. Do you think it could be possible to hide just one sidebar – say, the one on the right (which I find most annoying)?

  • Tiffany

    Could you make a script where it mutes posts as you read them? (Bottom of the relevant comments div at the bottom scrolls off the top of the page.)