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In-page, intelligent link saving Chrome browser extension app integrating:
Twitter,,    Google+,    Friendfeed,    Google Search,   Pinterest,
  Pocket (formerly Read It Later),   Instapaper, and   Pinboard

- (aka appdotnet, support added (2012-08-22).
- Pinboard ( support added (2012-05-21).
- Instapaper ( support added (2012-05-19).
- Pinterest ( support added (2012-05-18).

What others are saying about Golden View Apps

[Golden View for Google+] is one of the best extensions I've ever used across any of the three major browsers. Honestly, only AdBlock has ever been as satisfactory as Golden View is.

a) It does exactly what you want and nothing more, which includes adding a bunch of features that should've come stock with G+. Most important of which is the ability to mute all of a user's posts without removing them from your circles.

b) It's features/additions are delightfully unobtrusive, adding nothing more than a few small text links and star icons.

c) The developer seems to actually care about keeping it up-to-date and not only that, from what I can tell reading the reviews, he communicates with his users and even goes as far as to fix extension conflicts on HIS end rather than wait for the other guy to do it.

I could not endorse this any more. If you use Google+, there is no doubt that you will want to use Golden View along with it.

—Jacob Hopkins
User Review

Must have.

—Onur Gündüz
User Review

WHAT IT'S NOT: Just a current page bookmark app. WHAT IT DOES DO is add a gold star UI to save in-page links intelligently to Pocket (, formerly Read It Later).

SMARTER SAVING: 1) Links are of course saved, but the post title / tweet content / search result text are also saved. 2) @twitter handle, display name on Friendfeed, and name on Google+ are saved as tags along with the link.

WHICH SITES DOES IT WORK ON? Twitter, Google+, Friendfeed and Google Search are all currently supported. More to come. Each can be enabled/disabled in the option settings.

WHAT ELSE? The "Popup" of Golden View Popup Link Keeper refers to the recent links you can see listed in a small hover-card popup. Great for quick reference; collect and copy/paste links as you navigate or write about interesting content—all right in front of you without navigating away to a toolbar or other tab.


  • No annoying ads, no ad scheme at all. Golden View Link Keeper Pro provides additional features and is available to buy (proceed to upgrade from within the option settings of the app). Your direct support allows Golden View Apps to focus on delivering back to you the best possible customer experience.
  • I'm the proprietor but also a daily user of this app. I'm as excited for new features releases as I hope you are—
    thank you for helping support high grade, independent software development.

    —Micah Wittman (


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